Pan African Movement Consitution


We, the African people, originating as we do from the cradle of civilization, know that the present deplorable socio-economic condition of Africans is neither of our own makings nor is it an act of God or nature but it is the result of the following;
Centuries of the most heinous crime against humanity, such as slavery, not only destabilized our society but also devastated its productive capacity. This complete negation of human rights was an attempt to dehumanize our people. Pan Africanism was an expression of resistance to dehumanization. The slave trade used the people of Africa as mere commodities whose only value was to develop the economies of Europe and America. Slavery weakened the continent and thereby made it vulnerable to colonialism.
Colonialism arrested the development of productive forces and redirected our human and material resources to serve the colonialists predatory interests so that we now produce what we do not consume and consume what we do not produce.

The colonial territories, arbitrarily demarcated at the 1884/5 Berlin Conference, divided our peoples into economically unviable separate units. Our continent became a source of raw materials, our peoples a reservoir of cheap labor and a market for the imperialists’ commodities. Our cultural identity was shattered; we lost confidence in our abilities. Pan Africanism thus became an expression of our struggle for freedom and independence.
Despite independence, the economy and institutions of the colonial state remained intact, thereby depriving the people of their gains. This unjust neo-colonial order could only be sustained by oppressive regimes culminating in civil strife, war, displacement, famine, and death. The Cold war further diverted the African people from their own struggle for development. Therefore, Pan Africanism remains the instrument of the African people in our struggle for genuine independence.

The dismal performance of the neo-colonial state in maintaining law and order, which is a prerequisite for capitalist exploitation, compelled imperialism to reorganize its house whilst appearing to be the advocate of human rights and multi-party democracy. The weak and dependent states are being forced to hand over their economies to the World Bank and the IMF, and to G7, multinational corporations and western private capital whilst social services are handed over to western non-governmental organizations. International organizations such as the UN which are supposed to “promote the economic and social advancement of all peoples” are being manipulated to rubber stamp this policy and to threaten the sovereignty of weak and emerging nations. The lack of internal cohesion in our society is exploited in the post-Cold War era to perpetuate the existing ethnic and religious conflicts to the detriment of the African people.

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