PAMEC’s objective is to the of creation of a competitively non exploitative business environment and promote private sector’s regional and global participation in trade and investment within the Continent, founded on well-developed esthetical Entrepreneurs. This is done by:

1. Market Intelligence
Facilitating and promoting all aspects of Private sector involvement in Development within Africa, by strategic Public Private Sector Partnerships.

2. Mitigating Risk
Promoting a predictable, stable and consistent investment and business environment, within minimal unknown parameters.

The PAMEC strategy consists of the twin aspects of Investment and Business Opportunity Conceptualization and Venture Implementation Framework.

1. Conceptualization
PAMEC by its direct and observer status to the Pan African Movement Secretariat and its affiliates, has unparalleled access to Market conditions of the continent. This creates a data bank that can be used to formulate initial investment and business opportunities and a corresponding risk management framework. The constituent members of the PAMEC also include international financial institutions and Corporations who bring additional Finance and Investment intelligence. 

2. Venture Implementation
PAMEC shall undertake the initial Venture Conceptualization, Feasibility and Risk management safeguards, including host country policy revision and identify the Principal Stakeholders in the venture and Negotiating and Managing principles of their terms of engagement and Venture Implementation. PAMEC shall also adopt Facilitator/ Observer status throughout lifespan of venture.