Our Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision
PAMEC is the premiere platform for effective development and organization of African entrepreneurs in Public and Private sector investment within the African Economies, fostering equitable fair sustainable profitability, economic growth and broad base wealth creation in the region.

Our Mission
Our mission is to represent and promote interests of both Private and Public Sector engagement with equity in real benefit founded on an ethical African entrepreneur. This is done by developing a multilateral body of ethical entrepreneurs who can then carrying out due diligence on both parties objectives and creating a mutually advantageous and sustainable environment for engagement.

PAMEC is guided by the following principles, which govern the internal culture:

1. Integrity
Honesty, forthrightness, transparency and non-ambiguity is key in all undertakings for sustainable engagement.

2. Accountability
Realization of the goals of the Public sector, of real grassroots wealth creation and non-exploitation, and that of the Private Sector of profitable ventures with constant engagement parameters are catered for by creating a predictable investment climate based on a fair business practices framework.  Mutual accountability is thus created.

3. Innovation
Constant revision and interrogation of systems and technology are a key to remain a foremost resource to Global business. Factoring of appropriateness and efficiency in usage of innovation, and capacity to re-engineer the same for greater productivity is an integral component of the culture. 

4. Culture
The permanence of positive cultural values are entrenched, with accommodative tolerance of differing cultures and norms.