Pan African Movement Entrepreneurs Council

The Pan African Movement Entrepreneurs Council (PAMEC) is the apex body within Africa for Public and Private Sector engagement. It is established to foster the interests of the Private Sector and Public wealth creation in the integration process of the African Economies. Its membership and representation is drawn from The Global Pan African Movement.

PAMEC’s objective is to be an effective fostering agent of entrepreneurship development in a competitively fair business environment and promotion of private sector’s regional and global participation in trade and investment. PAMEC therefore provides a regional platform through which the local entrepreneurs can in partnership with international player be competitive globally. This is done by creating a more conducive business environment through targeted sustainable policy reforms and fair business practices. Additionally, PAMEC also work towards promoting private sector’s regional & global competitiveness in trade and Investment through addressing challenges experienced by Members at governmental, organizational and firm level; and through provision of tailored market intelligence.

PAMEC’s key stakeholders are primarily the Pan African Movement Secretariat, the Business Community as represented through Members and their affiliates, Regional Policy Makers, Global Finance Institutions and Corporations. PAMEC has an “Observer Status” at the Pan African Movement Secretariat and all affiliate bodies. This enables participation in all relevant Pan African Movement activities and deliberations, not only at the Secretariat but also in other organs and institutions.