February 22, 2020 PAN-AFRICAN MOVEMENT



The congress was held in August 1927, in New York. So far, the pan African idea was still American rather than African, but it was growing. This expressed a real demand for examination of the African situation and a plan of treatment from the native African point of view. Attempts were made to either hold the 4th PAC in Tunis or West Indies, but the arrangements failed due to the opposition from the French and British governments who were colonial powers.


Thirteen countries were represented, but direct African participation lagged. There were two hundred and eight delegates from twenty two American states and ten foreign countries. Africa was sparsely represented by representatives from the gold coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

Congress Resolutions

The resolutions adopted were similar to those of the 3rd Congress. There were two remarkable developments: the presence of radical black personalities and the tribute paid by Dr. WEB Du Bois to the Soviet Union regarding the policy followed with its various nationalities in sharp contrast with imperialism’s policy.