The third PAC was held in November and December, 1923 with sessions in London (7-8, Nov, 1923) and Lisbon (1-2, December, 1923). The London session was small and addressed by Harold Laski and Load Olivier and attended by H.G Wells. Ramsey MacDonald was kept from attending by only by pending elections, but wrote:” any thing I can do to advance the course of your people on your recommendation, I shall always do gladly.”

The meeting off the congress in Lisbon was more successful, with eleven countries present especially from Portuguese Africa. The Liga Africana, a great association of the Portuguese Negroes with headquarters in Lisbon, was in charge. Its aim was to converge all the indigenous associations scattered throughout the provinces of Portuguese Africa and representing several million individual, with functions such as speaking for Africans, expressing African desires to the government in a highly dignified manner in order to avoid injustice or to bring about harsh laws.


Records of total attendance are not available but estimated at approximately 350 in total

Congress Resolutions

  • Right of black to have a voice in there own respective governments.
  • The right of access to land and its resources.
  • Free elemental education for all, broad training in modern industrial technique, and higher training of selected talents.
  • The development of Africa for the benefit of Africans, and not merely for the profit of Europeans.
  • The abolition of slave trade and of liquor traffic.
  • World disarmament and the abolition of war, but failing this, and as long as white folk, the right of blacks to bear arms in there own defense.
  • The organization of commerce and industry so as to make the main objects of capital and labour the welfare of the many, rather than the enriching of the few…”In (summary), we ask the entire world that black folk be treated as men. We see no other road to peace and progress. What more paradoxical figure today fronts the world than the official head of great South African state striving blindly to build peace and goodwill in Europe by standing on the necks and hearts of millions of black Africans?”